Partnerships & Activities

Partners and commitments - Real commitments with credibility and spirit.

I am an active person. In the future, I would like to engage more in projects, institutions, and companies outside of the ice. I am convinced that my diverse interests and affinities are ideal touchpoints for philanthropic and commercial commitments.

I engage as an ambassador for organizations and companies, whether in the commercial or philanthropic sector. I feel comfortable in both roles.

Whether as a testimonial, as an ambassador in communication, as an active user of their products or simply as a guest at events, I want to be credible and professional. Since I am active on social media and will engage in online media as well, I can also work for your organization or company during my months in North America.

As a speaker I focus on the topic of my sport or my sporting experiences at home and abroad, and transfer messages are extremely important to me. There are many learnings from sport for the business world, not least because of my experiences in North America.

My current commitments:

Ideal partnership with the Porsche Zentrum Winterthur

As a professional ice hockey player and passionate sports car enthusiast, I feel a strong connection to the Porsche brand.

Porsche and ice hockey share a common sense of dynamism, precision and passion. Both on the ice and on the road, we strive for top performances and always give our best. This connection has fascinated me from the beginning and I am honored to work with the Porsche Zentrum Winterthur.

One vehicle that has particularly caught my attention is the Taycan GTS Cross Turismo. The Taycan embodies the future and impresses with breathtaking performance and an exceptional design. As a sports car enthusiast, I was immediately drawn to this combination of sustainability and athletic performance. The Taycan GTS Cross Turismo offers me the opportunity to not only move around the hockey stadium in style and dynamism, but also on the road.

The partnership with the Porsche Center Winterthur allows me to combine my passion for sports cars and ice hockey. I am grateful for the support and trust they have placed in me. Together we will implement exciting projects and events to share our enthusiasm for the sport and the Porsche brand.